Our Purpose

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Creating a brighter future together 

Getting things done simply, flexibly

Our Purpose

We are helping millions of people make decisions easier so they live better lives by providing a wide range of financial products and services that best meet our customers.

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AEON Foundational Ideals

Our foundational ideals center on fostering peace, respecting individuals, and enhancing local communities with a strong focus on our customers. We believe in active engagement in peace efforts and respecting the dignity and potential of every person, which leads to human happiness and community prosperity. We are committed to continuous innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers and communities, ensuring our operations enrich every region we serve. Our actions are guided by the highest standards of integrity, prioritizing our customers’ needs above all.

Getting things done simply, flexibly

AEON Group's Future Vision

Envisioning a future full of joy and fulfillment, we strive to cultivate a brighter society where everyone can experience happiness that is truly their own. We seek a balance that resolves environmental and social concerns, enriching lives with innovation and personal growth. Our goal is to create a network of trust and empowerment, leading to a universally bright and smiling future.


How the AEON Group Wishes to Be

The AEON Group aspires to be a leader in shaping enriched lifestyles in harmony with society. Through innovative products and services, we aim to forge deep connections, celebrating individuality and communal spirit. We envision a network that transcends generational and spatial boundaries, fostering relationships that contribute to a happier, more inclusive society. Our ambition is to co-create a future where individual fulfillment and societal well-being are intertwined, spreading joy and contentment on a global scale.

Getting things done simply, flexibly

The Attitudes that We Cherish

We hold dear three attitudes: spontaneous action aligned with aspirations, continuous learning for innovation, and building and nurturing relationships for collaborative growth. These principles guide us to be proactive, to keep evolving through knowledge, and to foster partnerships that shape our collective future.


The Vow that We Cherish

Our vow is to always embody integrity and sincerity, as these are the cornerstones that foster trust and co-creation with our customers and partners. We are committed to upholding these values in all our endeavors.

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